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Is your septic tank located very close to your house? Get it checked by us today to know if it would be covered before you begin your deck-building project!

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Locate your septic system to keep it maintained and safe

Knowing the location of your septic tank or drain field is very important in order to keep your septic system in a good condition. A well-maintained septic system will help you keep your home and environment safe and healthy. Proper maintenance of a septic system includes timely inspection and pumping services.


Don't worry if you have no idea about the location of your septic system or its as-built design. Bruce's Septic Service has been providing reliable, efficient, and accurate septic tank and drain field location services to the community in Oak Harbor, WA since 1963.

  • Locate drain fields to help you plan your landscaping project

  • Locate the pipeline from the house to septic tanks

  • Determine the distance from septic to the drain fields, in case your pipes are clogged and broken

  • Locate septic tanks for inspection, cleaning, installations, and repairs

  • Locate, troubleshoot and do minor reprogramming on alternative systems like alarm box variations with the panel box or pump tank

  • Check alarms when they go off

Complete septic system repair services