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Getting your septic tank inspected regularly is very important to keep it clean and functioning properly. It must be emptied periodically and the solids must be disposed of hygienically in order to keep your house safe and the environment clean. Wastewater, if not disposed of properly, can contaminate the surface and groundwater. This can be a great threat to public health.


Let us help you keep your septic tank well maintained. Bruce's Septic Service has been providing high-quality septic inspection services to Oak Harbor, WA since 1963. Our team is proud of providing unparalleled services at affordable rates. All our services are warrantied and guaranteed to make sure you're completely satisfied. Get in touch with us today for reliable and efficient septic inspection services.

  • Commercial inspections

  • Residential inspections

  • Annual inspections - As per the State mandate, all septic tanks must be maintained once a year for alternative systems and every three years for standard systems.

  • Inspections on homes for sale - Needing work done, putting in a D-Box (part of the drain field), fixing a pipe to full blown system repair, inspect all septic tanks and drain fields, inspect more deluxe systems like ATUs and other components

  • Keeping your system maintained on a one to three year plan

Complete septic system inspections

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