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High-quality septic system and drain field installation services

Is your septic tank leaking? If so, the septic tank must be replaced immediately as per the State mandate. You don't need to replace your septic tank if the crack or leak is somewhere in the upper part of the tank. These leaks and cracks can be patched with special cement. Installation and maintenance of the drain fields are very important for a healthy septic system.


Save money and protect your property by ensuring that your septic system and drain fields are installed right the first time. Bruce's Septic Service has been providing reliable and affordable septic system and drain field installation services to Oak Harbor, WA since 1963. Our company is family owned and operated. You can always rely on us for high-quality septic system installation services.

  • Installations, repairs, cleaning, location, inspections, design work

  • Infiltrators - plastic half-moon devices with slats

  • Drain rock, drain fields, drip irrigation - similar to large-scale soaker hoses for gardens that snake through different septic lines

  • Pre-treatments

  • New water and ATUs

  • Piping for RVs

Prompt and efficient septic system installations