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Our septic system designing services are affordable and of high-quality. Designing the most efficient and cost-effective septic system for your home is our goal!

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Reliable and efficient septic designing services

Septic systems are designed to treat and dispose of wastewater and sewage in a safe and proper way. A well-planned and well-designed septic system will last long and also function better. Let us help you design and install your septic system properly. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will make sure you have the perfect septic tank for your home.


Bruce's Septic Service has been providing high-quality septic designing services to Oak Harbor, WA since 1963. Bruce is an experienced and State-licensed designer for out-of-area septic work. He can also design off-island septic systems statewide. Get in touch with us today for complete septic system designing services. We not only design the septic system for you but also help you keep it maintained.

Your reserve or repair area is a very important part of your septic system. This area will be used for installing a new system if your primary septic system fails. This area has been mandated by the State for new installations for the past 10 to 15 years.


You can count on us for a well-designed septic reserve area, drain field, and septic system. Proper planning is very important for safe and careful disposal of sewage and wastewater. Let us design the most efficient and reliable septic system for your home.

A well-planned and designed septic system